I'm Greg Smith

Greg Smith

Three Disciplines

Richmond, VA

What I Do

Software Engineer
@ Agile Frontiers

I've taken my own Hero's Journey and have become the Mentor. I'm sharing my knowledge of software with a new generation while I continue to write code for myself, novelists, and small businesses around Richmond, VA including the National Association of Writers and Editors, among others.

Writing Coach
@ Agile Writers

In 2011, using the Hero's Journey, I created the Agile Writer Method. It is designed to help beginning writers create a first-draft novel in 6 months. In 8 years I coached over 50 writers to complete their first-draft novels.

Heroism Scientist
@ Reel Heroes

I've partnered with Dr. Scott Allison to study heroes and heroism in movies. Together we have published two books and over 400 movie reviews at our website ReelHeroes.net.

Internet Radio
@ Brandermill Local Radio

iBLR (beta) is a fully automated cloud-based streaming radio station. The three DJs are robotic voices created by AWS Polly.

A nightly job runs which selects a playlist, scrapes content, generates DJ text-to-speech, and deploys on AWS EC2.

Hardware Hacking
@ Dr. Francintosh

At Dr. Francintosh I recreate the look and feel of vintage Apple computers, but with all the power of the M1 Apple Silicon processor (and MacOS 11). I maintain as much of the original vintage computer (displays, ports, dvd drives, keyboards, power supplies, cameras, speakers, and microphones) as possible creating a retro feel but with modern power.

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