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One of my Guilty Pleasures is “The Masked Singer.” Here is a compilation of clues and guesses…



  • In her family, “anonymity is a completely alien concept.”
  • “Growing up in the public eye, my life was never really my own.”
  • “I let other people define me, but I will never let anyone control me again.”
  • She has “many sisters.”


  • “In my long career, I’ve flown to soaring heights, and I’ve never wanted to stop doing what I love. Being a worker bee keeps me young.”
  • “You can call me Queen Bee, but Empress also suits me.”
  • Looking forward to singing to a new generation.
  • “I want to see for myself that I still have what it takes to create a buzz.”
  • Started singing in the 1950s.


  • “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved to be on stage and take on a character.”
  • Picked the Poodle because, “Like me, they’re sassy, smart and best in show.”
  • Has ties to San Francisco.
  • “I come from a musical family, but I’m known for a different kind of talent.”
  •  LGBT advocate
  • “To figure me out, you’re going to have to weeerk.”
  • “I’m here for your honor.”


  • “I’ve spent most of my life on stage, but I was never alone.”
  • “Now, I pop here and I pop up there.”
  • “Synchronized singing is my forte.”
  • “The last mask standing is gonna be me.”
  • He is or has been in a band.


  • Has hosted a talk show.
  • Has spent her whole life listening to other people’s stories.
  • Has always been a sunny person.
  • An audience is something she’s never had trouble attaining.
  • “No one talks more than me.”
  • Recently suffered a “tragic loss” of her “beloved.”
  • “Don’t cry, baby.”

PINAPPLE (Revealed: Tommy Chong)

  • Weakness: Ripens quickly
  • Aloha dudes. I became the pineapple because like me they are fun, tropical and go well with ham
  • Although I look happy now, I’ve been through some hard times
  • After beating a life-threatening disease, this OG has decided to take things as they come
  • In the background, the pineapple is washing an old 50s car. There is a Michigan license plate and a sticker that says Pipe Dream.
  • I never white the smile off my face.
  • Though I’ve been in the public eye for decades, I’ve always dreamed of being a singer
  • Life is short man, you gotta seize the day before your life goes up in smoke

MONSTER (My Guess: Tiger Woods)

  • Height: 5’8
  • “I’m the monster because that’s what the world labeled me.”
  • Wants to rewrite his “mixtape” to prove he’s more than just “puff and fluff.”
  • “I was at the top of my game, but the game turned on me. So I retreated into my cave and took a break from the public eye.”
  • When asked if he’s a professional singer, he replied, “Not to everyone.”
  • Getting unmasked was a hard thing to swallow
  • Had to do a reset
  • Did a ride in my caddie
  • I show myself my real self
  • Back in the swing
  • Celebrate getting my mind right
  • I’m going to sing something unexpected
  • Show them the whole package
  • It’s gonna be fire
  • I like to keep my head in the game

PEACOCK (My Guess: Donnie Osmond)

  • Height: 5’9
  • Has a “love of the spotlight.”
  • “Putting on a show is in my DNA.”
  • “It’s probably been a while since your mother had a poster of me on her bedroom wall.”
  • Michael Jackson was a “dear friend.”
  • “I have never been mauled by a tiger, but I have been part of a magic act.”
  • Loved performing
  • Exhilarated like 5 years old
  • So many incarnations of my career
  • Everyone thinks they know me
  • Started out as a teenie bopper
  • Cast in a dramatic role
  • Gonna push myself harder
  • I have a terrible fear of heights
  • Performing on a 30 foot tower
  • I have performed in Los Vegas


  • Height: 5’6
  • Considers herself “Hollywood royalty.”
  • “I’m stepping away from my pride to sing my heart out,” she said, later adding, “In my pride, there are lots of women.”
  • She believes that “true strength comes from embracing all your vulnerabilities.”
  • Voice is on cloud 9
  • I’ve always loved to sing
  • Mask makes me feel courageous
  • Using my voice to help others has been important
  • You have to be strong and stand up what you believe in
  • Sing my heart out
  • This lion is going to win

UNICORN (My Guess: Denise Richards / Lindsay Lohan)

  • Height: 5’6
  • Born and raised in Beverly Hills.
  • Had a difficult childhood.
  • Wanted to sing as a child, but says, “Someone I admired told me I was tone deaf.”
  • “They call me Bird.”
  • Lost confidence because lost sheen
  • As soon as I stepped on the stage I was flying high
  • Restoring confidence
  • Model Behavior
  • Conquer my fear of singing and being judged
  • Feeling victorious
  • Going for the gold
  • No one can ever crush this unicorn’s spirit again
  • I’m not a gymnast but in the bedroom